Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Call me Mabel

You know the dreaded threat of turning into your mother? I think I leap frogged it and am turning into my Grandmothers. I'm fighting it but I can see that it's happening.
My grandmothers are great but one of them is almost 100 and the other past away last year just shy of 101. So as you would expect, they're a bit behind the times.
These are women who have never used a microwave, a computer, or a answering machine, let alone a cell phone. Now of course, I have used these modern marvels, but I'm falling behind. For instance, how do you download music or, upload pictures from your camera to your computer. I won't even get into the dreaded text messaging!!! How you may ask have I made it this far into the 21st century without adapting these skills? I'll tell you, it's the technically advanced husband, and my own laziness.
I remember being at a gas station once, and there was this elderly lady trying to figure out how to swipe her credit card and pump gas, When I asked if I could help, she told me how she had never pumped gas. It had been her husband that had done it all her adult life, and now that he was gone she had to learn to do all these things. Am I teetering at the edge of this precipice?
I'm starting with baby steps in my battle to stay technologically current, in fact it's probably more akin to crawling.. I learned to work the bar-b-que. I'll need sustenance if I'm going to conquer the Ipod, texting, and whatever they come up with next.
In the mean time you can just call me Mabel.

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Sarah Auerswald said...

I'm older than you and if I can figure it out, so can you, Mabel! Besides, try to imagine if you had to learn this stuff from your daughter! Come on, we can't let that happen!