Monday, September 8, 2014

Mel Brooks Hand Print Ceremony at TCL Grauman's Chinese Theatre @Chinesetheatres #YF40

Mel Brooks hand print ceremony

Today the great Mel Brooks got his hand prints immortalized at the TCL (Grauman's) Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. Just one day before the 40th anniversary released on Young Frankenstein on Blu-Ray! Who can figure out what is different about Mel's prints. Scroll to the end for the answer.

Max Brooks at Mel Brooks hand print ceremony

Here is Mel's son Max (who you may know as the writer of World War Z) introducing Carl Reiner.

Carl Reiner at Mel Brooks hand print ceremony
 Up next was Carl Reiner to introduce his best friend. He also gave us the definition of the word fart and said that based on Mel's famous flatulence scene in Blazing Saddles, no one need ever be embarrassed about passing gas again, and that we should all be eternally grateful to Mel for that.

Mel Brooks hand print ceremony
 And then the man himself. He opened with "Hello ladies and germs" which got a laugh (Only for Mel). He  kept it short and sweet. But did take time to remind Carl that this event was about Young Frankenstein's 40th anniversary Blu Ray release, so he shouldn't be talking about Blazing Saddles. Further, he said that they could do something for Blazing Saddles next year. So we all have that to look forward to.

Mel Brooks hand print ceremony
Then at long last the main event!

Mel Brooks hand print ceremony

Mel Brooks hand print ceremony
 Is it me or is there something unusual about Mel's hands???

Mel Brooks hand print ceremony
Mel told us his shoes were given to him by George Raft, long ago. They looked like patent leather tuxedo shoes. I'm not sure if it's true or not yet. But I've got feelers out and when I know for sure I'll report back.

UPDATE: with sources up to and including Mel's assistant, everyone is saying the Raft thing was a joke. I've yet to hear it from the man himself but I'm willing to believe the interpretation of those close to him. Even if the George Raft story is fun to believe.

He wrapped the whole thing up with a fond farewell and said I will see some of you across the street and I will see some of you in the motel later. More laughs and off he went!

Family and Mel Brooks hand print ceremony

Carl and Mel Brooks hand print ceremony

Norman Lear, Carl Reiner, and Mel Brooks hand print ceremony

 If you haven't figured it out yet...Mel had an extra finger on his left hand for his hand print. I love all the fun things people find to do to make their print unique. I loved Jane Fonda's peace sign fingers when she did her prints, because it was so symbolic of who she is. I think the silliness of Mel's extra finger is exactly that for him too.

Until the cement dries if you need a little Mel Brooks silliness, run out an get the 40th Anniversary Blu Ray release of Young Frankenstein. I'm sure Mel would appreciate it.

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Anonymous said...

I was there on this day on the Walk of Fame and did not know about the event. I could'nt get nearby but I've got a picture. Now I know who was it and I'm at least very proud to know. It's very fanny that thing with the added finger! Gabriele from Germany