Thursday, September 11, 2014

Complete List of Donut Shops on Westside of Los Angeles #Donuts #LA #LAFoodies

By John Derby

Its funny how the internet has made so many things easier.  However, while I was trying to look up all of the donut shops within 5 miles of my house, I realized that not everything is easy on the web. I paged through list after list of local donut shops, and realized that none of them were more than 50% complete.  So...after a year of searching for the best donut on the Westside, I have made a more complete list.  I believe I have listed all of the donut shops from Santa Monica to El Segundo, and from the beach to Overland, but there are still many shops to the East that we may try. My 10 year old daughter, my 13 year old nephew and myself, have traveled to many of the donut shops on the list, and I will post our previous ratings soon.

So, here it is.

If you find that I've missed a Westside donut shop please let me know in the comments and it will be added.

Donut Appetite!


L.A. Story said...

Love this post! Yay donuts!

Elise Crane Derby said...

Wait till you see all the ratings they've done. Who knew there was such a large variety of Cinnamon Rolls??? They've tried almost all of them on this map!