Tuesday, June 3, 2014

David Tennant is #TheEscapeArtist on @PBS

David Tennant in The Escape Artist on PBS June 15th

PBS is airing, the two episode,THE ESCAPE ARTIST starring David Tennant June 15th and 22nd at 9PM et. It's a courtroom drama about a lawyer who has a perfect life at home and in the court room, he's never lost a case. But then of course it all goes terribly wrong.

Will Burton (Tennant) is a great lawyer and manages to get any criminal off, which is why he is called the escape artist.  Unfortunately, it looks like he might have gotten one too many bad guys out of jail. Karma it's a bitch.

I've yet to see this show but I'm willing to bet I'll like it. Check out the trailer below and see if it doesn't peak your interest. If it does be aware that you will have to watch it at air time (or DVR it) as they are unable to stream it due to rights restrictions

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