Sunday, May 18, 2014

PBS Annual Meeting

Cookie and Me

Last week I was invited to spend a few days in San Francisco with PBS at their annual meeting. I was joined by 25 or so of my fellow PBS Kids VIPS. A great bunch of family bloggers who love the amazing educational and fun programming PBS Kids produces. We got the opportunity to see some of our old favorites, like Sesame Street's Cookie Monster and some new shows on the horizon for young and old. Here are just two I'm particularly looking forward to!

PBS' Odd Squad
PBS will debut a new live action show ODD SQUAD November 26th. Designed to help 5-8 year olds learn math, the show focuses on two young agents, Olive and Otto, who are part of an agency whose mission is to come to the rescue whenever something "odd" happens. I think everyone will enjoy the ubiquitous grouchy chief depicted by the young actress in the foreground of the above picture. You haven't been yelled at till you've been yelled at by someone holding a juice box and in the middle of building a Popsicle house.

Ken Burns and Anna Eleanor Roosevelt (Photo Courtesy PBS)
Lastly, I want to share everyone's favorite documentarian's next PBS production Ken Burns' THE ROOSEVELTS: An Intimate History. This will be a 14 hour exploration of the life of Teddy, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt's lives. Franklin and Eleanor's granddaughter, Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, joined us at the PBS annual meeting (and gave us all goosebumps at her resemblance to her grandmother). While Anna didn't know either Franklin or Teddy she did have lovely stories about the attention her grandmother, Eleanor, gave her.THE ROOSEVELTS will air it's first episode September 14th.

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