Monday, May 19, 2014

Mad Men Season 7 Epi 6 The Strategy

A great episode of Mad Men last night. It was good to see Bob Benson and Trudy again. AMC had teased that there would be some old faces and though I had hoped for Sal, this was good too.

I felt like the episode was about loyalty and all the allegiances that have been made over the last 10 years. Pete is loyal to Don, bringing him into the Burger Chef pitch. Don is loyal to Harry for his loyally reporting to him about the cigarette account and votes for Harry to make partner. Bob loyally keeping Bill Hartly's secret and bailing him out. And on and on.

I was happy to see Joan turn down Bob Benson's offer an "arrangement" marriage. Is it possible she has actually realized that love is the goal in a relationship. I am concerned about her mother's line about her disappearing. As I have said many times Joan has some secret respiratory malady, if she is losing weight it may be something other than a diet. I'm guessing we are being set up for something in the final half of this last season.

I loved the scene with Don and Peggy working on the new Burger Chef campaign. They are both in the same boat with their fear that they have wasted their lives building nothing for no one. But if nothing else they do have each other. The two of them having a very father/daughterly dance to Sinatra's My Way couldn't have been more perfect. "regrets I've had a few" check "I did it my way" check.

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Until then here's the number If They Could See Me Now from Sweet Charity, Bonnie and Pete are watching on the plane before they join the mile high club. They bit they show is around 4:06. Again a very apropos song for our characters.


Anonymous said...

I do not think that love is the goal of a relationship. Love is the glue or the binder of a relationship. the goal of a relationship is having someone to share your life with. As for Bob, lots of homosexual men and women, have reached the fulfillment of their lives (children, partnership, social status) in non-sexual marriages. Most heterosexual marriages fizzle sexually down the road also.

Anonymous said...

They said Mid season finale so there must be more episodes later this year or next?

Elise Crane Derby said...

Yes there will be 7 more episodes sometime next year.

Anonymous said...

Joan had pain in her side once, went to dr, what was it? Also, any significznce to Emily in the restaurant approaching Don? Was it same girl sho plays Stephanie?

Elise Crane Derby said...

I think Joan ended up having fibroids, nothing serious, but it did cement her relationship with Bob.
I'm not sure what the story was with Emily, she was not the same actress as plays Stephanie. Possibly it was just to show that Don was not sleeping around anymore, even if a beautiful girl throw her room number in his face.