Sunday, August 4, 2013

Who is The New Doctor Who

It was very exciting to watch BBC announced the new Doctor Who today (drum roll) and the winner is Peter Capaldi! You may recognize him from another great BBC show The Hour.

I don't know if it's just a coincidence but Capaldi played the W.H.O. (World Health Organization) Doctor in World War Z this summer. It's a pretty elaborate clue if it was done on purpose.

I'll be looking forward to Matt Smith's regeneration into Peter Capaldi on the Christmas special.

Doctor Who returns to BBC America in November


Donna said...

I loved Peter Capaldi in The Hour (actually, I loved everything about The Hour and was disappointed the BBC pulled the plug on that one) -- I think he will be a great Doctor, as long as Moffat writes scripts that don't descend into a bog of timey wimey nonsense. The only actor that would have made me happier in the role would have been Idris Elba.

Elise Crane Derby said...

I kinda love timey wimey madness