Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Bletchly Circle on PBS

The three part series, The Bletchley Circle will premiere on PBS this Sunday April 21st. I knew I would love this mini series, the first time I saw it at the PBS press tour last winter.

The story focuses on four women who came together during WWII as code breakers. They each have unique skills that bring something special and necessary for the success of the team. Our story begins 9 years later, when we find the women thrown back into normal female roles for the 1950s.

They all seem to be less than satisfied with their new lives but not all of them are enthusiastic about getting the band back together. After all who would even listen to them? Only when a serial killer is targeting young girls are they motivated to reunite to solve the crime.

It's a great mix of period drama and CSI. Good for everyone, well maybe not the very young. There is, obviously, some adult subject matter.

Watch Preview on PBS. See more from The Bletchley Circle.

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