Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 Episode 4 To Have And To Hold

To Have And To Hold really isn't the characters of Mad Men's strong suit. With the possible exception of Ken they are all cheating on their spouses, clients and co workers. All of which is shown in the opening scene of tonight's episode. We find Pete and Don meeting Heinz Kecthup behind Heinz vinegars/sauces/bean back, after they promised they wouldn't, and in Pete's city "apartment" no less.

We did get to see into Joan's life a tiny bit, with her visiting friend Kate. Who of course, is not only looking to jump from Mary Kay to Avon but is also looking to have a fling in the city, while her husband and boys are at home. She does tell us that Joan has always had bad taste in men. Which explains how she didn't get married until so late, and then to  a complete jerk. She also mentions a Scotty, It's unclear if Joan was married to him as a young girl or just went out with him, for the worst 6 months of her life...

Harry Crane makes a stand to be partner, but not without throwing Joan under the bus in the process. When Roger and Bert give him a bonus that is bigger than his annual salary, he still threatens to jump to another agency, as he walks out the door. Once he's gone Roger asks if they should fire him before he cashes the check.

When Don, Pete and Stan go to pitch Heinz Ketchup they find that Chaugh and Peggy are coming in to pitch right after them. It's just another example of how there is no loyalty. Not only has Peggy left SCDP but she also gave her new agency the Heinz info Stan told her in confidence. Peggy even steals Don's "If you don't like what they're saying change the conversation." Oh yeah and Peggy had Pete's baby and gave it away....

Finally, Megan's character on the soap is getting a love scene. She is very careful about presenting it to Don. The lead actress and her head writer husband offer to try to help smooth it over with Don by taking them out to dinner, but it turns out they're looking for a little swinging. No thanks. Don, while not happy about the love scene, seems like he is resigned to it, that is until the Heinz fiasco with Peggy. After that he shows up on set to watch Megan's love scene, after which he calls her a whore (more or less). Then he's straight on to their neighbors apartment for an actual love scene.

It's no wonder everyone is drinking so much. Dawn says it sounds like New Years eve when their trash is emptied. When these characters say to have and to hold they mean until no one is looking or I think I can get away with it. I don't know if they all need to switch to acid or what, but I need a little ray of sunshine in this mess.

This and That:

Black people might actually get a story line, looks like Dawn's part is growing

Lancers wine

Calling Don James Garner

Bert telling Harry "I was different than you in every way"

Stan giving Peggy the finger

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