Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mad Men Season 6 episode 3 The Collaborators

Tonight episode of Mad Men was full of bombshells. Every scene was another explosion. Also we got to hear Don's motto from his lip "This didn't happen" I wonder how many times he's said that during the run of this show. Finally getting to see a glimpse of his life after his father's death cleared it's origin up quite a bit.

Last season when Don said he was raised in a whore house I was confused, but tonight we see he was. His "mother" was taken into her sister and Uncle Mack's cat house. He saw her with Uncle Mack and I'm guessing johns after that. I was under the impression that Uncle Mack and his mother were an item so, if I'm right, at some point she must take him from her sister. Then I assume they either take over the whore house or move on. Either way I'm guessing "this never happened" was said to Don a lot.

It took me awhile to figure out the title The Collaborator. But I think the Heinz guys explain it. Sometimes the person you think is on your team is your worst enemy. Exemplified by every marriage in this episode. First we see Trudy and Pete at a dinner party being hit on by all their neighbors. Then the first bomb shell that Megan has had a miscarriage, apparently while she was considering an abortion. Of course there is Don and Silvia's relationship. According to this episode there is nothing but Is in team.

Peggy's relationship with Stan continues it's late night calls. But when she let's slip to Chaugh the information Stan has given her about the Heinz Ketchup client, it's her turn to decide if she is ready to be about advertising and not friends. All of her underlinings are already scared of her and when she tries to be a little supportive of them they respond by giving her feminine itch powder and a cruel client profile folder.

Seeing Trudy throw Pete out was a long time coming. They were a great power couple. Trudy kept giving Pete more and more slack and finally he hung himself. Loved her line "I'm drawing a 50 mile perimeter around this house. If you so much as open your fly to urinate, I will destroy you." And I believe it. God I hope they don't draw him back in with Peggy.

In the end it's all "like Munich" none of these people will ever be happy with what they have been given. They always want more and in the process will lose any chance at happiness. Don of course being exhibit A.

This and that:

Bob is the new Pete.  Pete is the new Don. Don is the new Roger. Roger may actually have figured out how good he had it to start with and seemed like he was trying to get Mona ( his first wife) back in last weeks episode.

Dance with the one that brought you.

Don burying icky Jaguar guy with back handed praise

Joan slamming Jag guy with "I know there's a part of you, you haven't seen in years.

Teenage Don with a Moe hair cut. Ugly duckling and how!

Jim Garrison mentioned in the tonight show clip Pete watches about new JFK assassination evidence is perhaps the ultimate in your collaborator stabbing/shooting you in the back.

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