Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Classic Hollywood Hikes in Los Angeles

In LA there are a lot of Hollywood museums, and movie lots, but if you want to mix a little outdoor time with movie history these are some great hiking spots to get both.

Griffith Observatory/Mount Hollywood

You can begin a hike from the historic and cinematic (most notable Rebel Without a Cause) Griffith Observatory to the peak of Mount Hollywood. Along the way you get views of the entire city and for my money the best views of the iconic Hollywood sign from various angles.

Malibu Creek State Park

The native home of the Chumash Indians this state park is located in the hills above Malibu. More recently it has been the home of numerous TV shows (The site of the TV show MASH is here) and films. While the sets are all gone you can see the cliff that Butch and Sundance jump from, among other natural beauties.  You won't believe how many films you love were made here. There is also a visitor center with lots of film information. Everything from Gone With The Wind to Pleasantville, even one of my favorites Mr Blandings Dream House was shot here.

Will Rogers State Park and Home

photo: Will Rogers State Park

This park was the home of Will Rogers, in the early 30s the highest paid actor in Hollywood.You can tour his house, stables, and if you schedule it right watch a game of polo. This estate is also in many film. The ranch once covered 186 acres. The are lots of hiking trails to enjoy with views of the city.

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