Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kids Plane Activities

Some times I think that Samuel L Jackson movie Snakes On A Plane should have been called Kids On A Plane. It would have been more terrifing.

Part of going to Africa is spending an insane amount of time on a plane, that can only be made to feel longer by a bored child driving you and everyone in chair kicking and ear shot distance crazy. So here are some of my 8 year old daughters favorite plane activites.


Download TV Shows. Movies are great to download but you can download whole seasons of shows for the same price and that buys you a lot more time of watching. For this trip we got Marvin Marvin from Nickelodeon. She loves it.

Video games are great. My daughter loves Sound Shapes from Playstation, ( and her father may enjoy a little Unchartered, Golden Abyss). Of course if you're bringing an iPad there are several free games you can download and won't need wifi to play on the plane, of those Temple Run is a fave in our house.


You may remember making lanyards at camp as a kid and loving it, I hope. Well it's just as fun now. Many discount stores carry the plastic laces in every color. OK you may have to hit a few stores but I find color variation is key. you can also incorporate beads. Making these can eat a lot of time. Scissors on a plane is a no no so be sure you bring some of the plastic rounded preschool scissors to cut the laces.

Friendship bracelets are similar to lanyards but in my experience they are not interchangeable and to a child count as two totally different activities. The string/yarn can also be had at discount stores and variety is important.

Bring precut out colored paper shapes, triangles, circles, flowers, crescent moons, lines, whatever you can come up with, along with blank sheets of paper and a glue stick. Creative kids minds can do a lot with that. If you add in some markers or crayons so much the better.

Hopefully these will serve you and us well on our next flight.

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