Friday, February 15, 2013

Flying To South Africa

Just 24 hours ago Jamie, Shannon and I and a 11 members of our various families took off from JFK on South African Airways, for my dream trip to South Africa. These are our before 15 hour flight pictures. I have to say as 15 hour flights go South African Airways made it pretty comfortable with lots of available food and drink throughout the flight. They also keep the cabin dark for the majority of the flight so you can sleep, which I was not very successful at. If you, like me, are sitting sleep challenged, not to worry, they have a huge list of movies to chose from including Oscar Noms I hadn't had a chance to see like Argo and Lincoln. They also include heaps of kid's movies and games too. (Which may have made my previous post re: kids activities for long plane flights irrelevant. Though I still stand by lanyards.)

Below is our after, with more of the clans, and of course my eyes are closed....Oh well. Johannesburg is treating us well. Unfortunately, we don't have much time here. We leave tomorrow morning for Madikwe Safari Lodge and our first look at some amazing animals. If I weren't so tired I'd be jumping up and down with glee. But, as it is I am smiling quite broadly.

 FYI don't call Child Protective Services just yet, we're all enjoying a bit of refreshing cranberry juice. 

After just a little bathing and a 3 hour nap I was ready for the real thing. And it was delicious!

Thanks to the lovely people/bartenders here in Johannesburg at the Sandton Sun Hotel

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