Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Going to Africa

Today we take our first leg of our trip to Africa. We fly to New York and stay the night in a hotel for the next morning flight to Johannesburg. That 15 hour flight makes me grateful for the relative shortness of today's flight of 5 hours. Also the kid is very excited about seeing actual snow fall from the actual sky. So a night in New York is very welcome.

I have to send big love to our travel agents at DSA (Destination South Africa) for answering all our tireless, and for them I'm sure, tiresome questions. "What happens if this east coast storm delays our flight?" "Can you move our seats?" "What malarial should I take?" "Can you come over and pack for me?" OK maybe I just thought that last one. But really they have been great setting up all our flights, transit, and tours. Allowing me to obsess about packing and the possibility of being eaten by a lion, which DSA promises me will not happen.

Stay tuned for much more interesting posts after Friday when the real trip begins with our first SAFARI at Madikwe. I. DIE.

You can also see my fellow South Africa Safari mates blogs on our first day out at The Women Formerly Known As Beautiful and I Am Not The Babysitter

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Anonymous said...

So excited for you and looking forward to hearing ALL about it! Dogs are good :)