Monday, October 24, 2011

Earthquake in Turkey: Be Prepared

After seeing all the terrible destruction and loss of life in Turkey from their 7.2 earthquake this weekend, I'm reminded to update my earthquake supplies.
The Los Angeles Fire Department Earthquake Guide is an excellent and comprehensive guide to all the things you should know how to do and have on hand in case of earthquake.

Several years ago I took the C.E.R.T.(Community Emergency Response Team) course and learned a lot of important things. Everything from how to triage the injured to where to keep your earthquake kit. I highly recommend taking the classes.

Here are some less obvious things I learned that really stood out for various reasons:

1. Keep a pair of comfortable shoes, sweater, and flashlight in your car. Not to mention a little food and water. You may have to walk home if streets are impassible after a quake.

2. Keep shoes under your bed. If objects have fallen during a quake and the lights are out you may need to walk across a lot of broken glass in the dark. I remember the teacher saying some huge amount of people after a quake come into the hospital with badly cut feet.

3. Have a 5 gallon bucket with a lid and lots of kitchen plastic trash bags. Should you loose water this will be your toilet.

4. Now this wasn't in the class but I think any good earthquake kit should have at least a little booze, for medicinal reasons of course.

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