Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mad Men Episode 2 Season 4

Mad Men Season 4 Episode 2 was a bit of a disappointment. I was hoping we'd get a lot more. It was good to see some faces from the past, however. Even if one of them was Lee Garner, from Lucky Strike. What a turkey, as my father would say.
It was kind of a surprise to see Glen this week. I'm not sure if Glen was trashing The Draper/Francis house to get back at Betty for marrying someone else, or to help Sally by pushing the family to move into a new house. Either way it was well played by the young actor,and I can't wait to see Betty's face when Glen comes to pick Sally up for a dance.
Another surprise was Freddy. I guess he's in AA, based on his "fraternity" with Ponds. I'm hoping he'll pull it out, but he will have to catch up with the times, or suffer the wrath of Peggy. Pete's going to have to get over his issues too. Especially, if HoHo is gone and Freddy is pulling in big accounts from his "fraternity".
Speaking of AA, Don needs to get his drinking under control. Based on his showing up wasted every night and sleeping with his secretary after the christmas party. Don knows that was bad form, but at least he gave her a huge bonus for the effort. $100 in 1964/1965 would be at least a month salary and she didn't even have to slap him around.
Finally, a little flirtation between Roger and Joan. If we can kill off Joan's husband, it will be nothing to divorce Jane and get them together. He obviously obsesses about her. Though, I'm not certain she takes him seriously. Another heart attack may be neccesary to get them sign, sealed, and delivered.
I was hoping to see Sal tonight, but no such luck. I'll keep my fingers crossed for him next week. See you then.


Julia said...

It was an odd one for sure. Don really needs to find his bottom and climb back up. Poor Roger in the Santa Suit!

hyung said...

Glen is creepy. Weird to think he's the main man's son. Definitely thought that the continuity was off from the previous episodes, thought I'd see more of the dark Don Draper and build that more. We shall see...