Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Big C on Showtime Aug. 16

The Big C premieres on Showtime Monday, Aug 16th. It stars Laura Linney, as a women diagnosed with terminal cancer and how that effects her. I think this show is going to be so relatable for so many of us. At this point in my life, I have had several important people in my life go through cancer with good out comes and the worst possible for a couple too.

I love this thing that Linney said about how when this character is diagnosed she doesn't create a bucket list, she just wants to be the person she always wanted to be, but right now. I feel like that has been more my experience. People don't care about seeing the Eiffel Tower, they want to be the friend, parent, artist, whatever it is, they want to get that in before they're gone.

Linney's costars are Oliver Platt, as her husband, who I really love, and Gabourey Sibide, as a student. Cynthia Nixon will be joining the cast as Linney's wild college friend and Liam Neeson for at least one episode.

Hopefully, this show will be as good, funny, and emotionally poignant as I'm expecting.

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