Monday, January 18, 2010

AMC's Breaking Bad

Saturday I went to the Breaking Bad press panel at TCA (which I sometimes call the press tour, because I think people know what that is). I have been resisting watching Breaking Bad, for the sole reason that I just don't want to get hooked on anymore shows. Everyone has told me how great it is and in preparing for the panel I watched a bunch of mini episodes on Hulu. Long story short, I think I'm hooked and I haven't even seen a whole episode yet. Which means I have 2 months to catch up on the first two seasons before the 3rd season starts March 21st. If you haven't been watching I recommend you do the same.
I love the creator/writer, Vince Gilligan's, description of the show. He says Breaking Bad takes Mr. Chips and turns him into Scarface. That is exactly what it is. Bryan Cranston plays Walter White a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, in an effort to pay for his treatment and provide for his infant child and an older special needs child he turns to making Crystal Meth. The show is dark but very funny.

On another AMC note. After the days panels I went to the bar with a my fellow bloggers Mar Vista Mom and Yvonne in LA for a drink and some food. I made the mistake of ordering an old fashion. They always look so good when Don Draper makes them on Mad Men. Well let me tell you, unless you like a big glass of whiskey don't do it. I had to send it back after a few sips, and went back to my Chardonnay. I guess I shouldn't start chain smoking either.


Sarah Auerswald said...

Just proves you're too 21st Century to drink an Old Fashioned drink.

Anonymous said...
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