Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meteorite Men on Science Channel

I am coming to realize that I do like reality TV. Just not American Idol and The Bachelor. I like all the science shows, and PBS documentaries, translation I'm embracing my not so inner DORK.
Here's a new "reality" show I think will be good. Meteorite Men is a new show starting tonight at 9 on the Science Channel
It features two guys(Geoffrey Notkin and Steve Arnold) going around looking for meteorites. "Meteorite Men uniquely combines adventure with science," said Debbie Myers, Science Channel general manager. "Steve and Geoff are helping us learn more about the universe by bridging the gap between the earth sciences and their passion for finding and studying meteorites."

Seriously, I really am excited to see it tonight. I saw them and a clip form the show at the press tour last week and it looks really good.

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