Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Yahoo's Purple Acts of Kindness

A few weeks ago I told you how Yahoo had given me $100 to perform an act of kindness. Well, today I did it. I paid for peoples postage at the post office. It was amazing how grateful people were and how happy it made them.
I thought I'd be there a long time but with the holidays the packages were big and it only took two people to more than max out my money. I'll tell you it gave me quite the high too!
I highly recommend it. If you decide to do something post it at Yahoo's Purple Acts of Kindness.


jeanne said...

What a great idea for a good act! I just spent $40 mailing out holiday cards, so I'm sure your kindness was more than appreciated!

Unknown said...

i just did the same thing - paid for shipping for others at the Post Office. and i also waited in line, then once i got to the front, i gave my place to someone in the back of the line. it was so nice to do random acts of kindness!

Audra Crane said...

Very nice. There's nothing better than when someone does something nice for no reason at all!