Thursday, December 17, 2009

Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Last night I was invited, by Sony Publicity, to see a preview of "Did You Hear About The Morgans?". I'll tell you I didn't have high hopes going in. I mean how many times can we see the fish out of water romantic comedy. But it changed my mind.
First there is the cast, nobody is a better rom. com. leading man than Hugh Grant. I'm sure that pained squinty expression of his is part, "I can't believe I'm doing another one of these movies" but he really is adorable in this kind of part. Sarah Jessica Parker is delightful as his leading lady, as always. I do enjoy her.
The supporting cast of Sam Elliot And Mary Steenburgen as their witness relocation supervisors/marriage counselors is great. Truth be told I love Sam Elliot, he's dreamy. Cowboy mustache and all. Also he gets a great line about what marriage really is, that I loved.
Then there is the script which really is delightful. Reminiscent of my favorite black and white romantic comedies in places. The sound track is quite good too. And as a final bonus we get to see Elisabeth Moss, who plays Peggy on Mad Men.
I highly recommend it.


Audra Crane said...

huh, I had no hopes for that film at all for the exact reasons you mentioned- I may have to rethink it based on your review. You demolished all the reasons I thought I didn't want to see it. Thanks!

Sarah Auerswald said...

Gotta know -- what's the Sam Ellliot line about marriage?