Monday, November 16, 2009

Candy Cane Joe-Joe's

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about these cookies. I feel it's important.
These are sold at Trader Joe's. If you don't have one in your area I suggest you find someone to get you some and mail them to you.I looked at the box for years in the stores and thought it was weird to put candy cane in Oreo's, but Boy was I wrong.

I know they just look like rip off Oreos, but they are so much more. It's like an Oreo and one of those Girl Scout Thin Mints got together and had a baby, the most delicious cookie baby ever.
Seriously, do whatever you have to, to get your hands on these. They are so good!
Ok, now you know.

Disclaimer: Trader Joe's is not sponsoring this post. I am just really crazy about these cookies. I have not received any type of compensation from Trader Joes of any kind, ever. What's up with that???

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YvonneinLA said...

I love that you wrote about Joe Joe's. They are quite fantastic!