Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Prisoner and Iron Maiden

Well, after two nights and four episode of The Prisoner and I have no idea what is going on. What is the deal with the two towers that look like the twin towers??? Also that big white bubble that just kind of swallows people up??? And all the things in the dessert, the anchor, the row boat, the train station. What is going on?
With all the cutting back and forth from New York to The Village, and what seems like to me a lack of showing us things in chronological order, I think we're in a dream, or a hallucination, or maybe they just want us to think that.
Whatever it is I'm glad it's going to wrap up tonight, cause I gotta know what is going on. Unlike a lot of the reviews I've read I actually do like it, though. I just need a few answers. It may be that they are trying to get too much into six episodes.
I haven't seen the original show, but my husband played me the Iron Maiden song last night. Which didn't help at all. My husband thinks number six is number two's son. I don't know...What do you think? Basically all I have for you here today are questions.
One more question what's up with number two's wife who just sleeps all the time?? Apparently by here choice. Is it that she rather be unconscious than live in the village? The whole surveillance on everyone thing is very, McCarthy era/1984.
I hope they explain it all tonight, or I am going to be very annoyed I put three nights into watching this show. Still I guess it has distracted me from the loss of my beloved Mad Men.

Here's the Iron Maiden Video, just because

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