Friday, July 10, 2015

11 Year Old Reviews Minions: Opens Today #minions #MadMen

Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob

Minions comes to theatres today. My family was excited to attend a screening earlier this week.

Now my, 11 year old, daughter in her first review for The LA Rambler will tell you all about it.

By Lauren Derby
I saw Minions and I thought it was very funny. I loved how they told the story of how the minions evolved. Before this movie I wondered if Gru made them or not. The movie had many ridiculous, yet funny inventions and lots of people that were quite evil. As minions, Stuart, Bob, and Kevin, travel the world at the beginning of their adventure they make lots of friends and attempt to learn how to live in our modern world. Though they struggle in the usage of most of our accessories, tools, and even words, they find a secret villain channel on TV which continues their adventure.

The three minions all have their own gifts. Stuart has his amazing smarts, Kevin can rock the ukulele, and Bob just has some amazing luck. But all of these abilities make the movie better and better as we watched it. It was better than Despicable Me 1 and 2, though those were great too. All three of these movies have their own way of being awesome, whether it’s how the characters are all so adventurous or how funny the situations can be. Universal had us all waiting but they have come out with a wonderful movie for all ages too enjoy!

Scarlett and Herb Overkill played by Sandra Bullock and Jon Hamm
Note from Elise: As an added perk for this mama, Jon Hamm ( AKA Don Draper from Mad Men) voices Scarlett's inventor husband Herb! Technically, they are the bad guys but in a very endearing way.


freelulu said...

Nice review! Might have to see it this weekend. Good job Lauren!

Ms. March said...

Helpful review. Now I know my older kids will like it. :-)

Glasses Shop said...

Great review! It's my kid's favourite :)