Monday, February 23, 2015

Mad Men Posters from Beginning To End #MadMen #TV

Mad Men Final 7 Episode Poster

Well here it is our last ever Mad Men Poster. Don is driving off into the sunset glancing in his rear view mirror. If we really wanna pick it a part his collar is loosened. I'm hoping this is an indication that he is free of all his lies and is moving on to the real Dick Whitman/ Don Draper. 

OK I admit I blew it up and tried to figure out what was reflected in the back of the side view mirror. Could be a train or a plane..or really anything. It's probably nothing but I want clues! We have 5 weeks  to wonder and then 7 episodes to find out.

Just for "Nostalgia" sake here are all the past posters.

Mad Men Season 7 First Half Poster

Mad Men Season 6 Poster

Mad Men Season 5 Poster

Mad Men Season 4 Poster

Mad Men Season 3 Poster

Mad Men Season 2 Poster

Mad Men Season 1 Poster

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