Monday, January 12, 2015

Would you want to be 25 again? @TVland @VH1 #Hindsight #Younger #TV

Younger coming to TV Land March 31. 2015
We've all heard the questions, "What would you tell your younger self?" or "What would you do differently if you could go back to your 20s?" or "Would you want to be 25 again?".  Now we have not one but two shows that are playing out those very questions.

First there is Hindsight which started it's run on Wednesday on VH1 last week. This show has a 40 something woman who in a crisis moment passes out and wakes up back in the mid 1990s to relive her life with all the knowledge of her first try at it. Do you do it all the same? Do you make changes and hope it doesn't adversely effect your future?

Then this Spring, Younger, comes to TV Land with the story of a 40ish woman who after raising her daughter and divorcing is struggling to reenter the work force. After being mistaken for a 20 something she and her friend give her a make over and presto chango she is young and hireable. But keeping up that illusion may be a full time job in itself.

Personally, the idea of being in my 20s again sounds exhausting. But I have to admit I really enjoyed the pilot episode screener of Younger and the first episode of Hindsight was really good too. I mean do you ever really get tired of hearing The Blues Travelers and in a fictional world one more night out with my 20 something girl friends could be REALLY fun.
Hindsight On VH1

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