Thursday, January 29, 2015

All The Announcements So Far For TCM Classic Film Fest 6 #TCMFF @TCM

We're are definitely heading in to the home stretch of the year long wait for the next TCM Classic Film Festival. It will begin March 26 and run through the 29th. Just 2 more months to go!

The opening night gala will be a screening and celebration of the 50th anniversary of The Sound Of Music with both Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in attedance. In my few experiences he has not been enthused with the shadow Sound of Music casts over the rest of his career, so I'm a bit surprised he is attending. If you want a chance to see Christopher talking at length about this film this may be you best chance.

Other announcement include the screening of a long thought lost Harry Houdini film The Grim Game. Harry plays the wrongly accused which allows him to display artistry through escapes from police and in pursuit of the guilty. The line forms behind me for this one

"This much-sought-after film – a complete print of which was only recently rediscovered and brought to TCM for restoration – features the escape artist and legendary illusionist in one of his few starring roles. The film was discovered and the restoration was produced and restored by award-winning film preservationist and silent-film scholar Rick Schmidlin, whose credits include such landmark restorations as The Dickson Experimental Sound Film (1894/'95), Greed (1924), London After Midnight (1927), Touch of Evil (1958) and Elvis: That's the Way It Is – Special Edition(1970)." -TCM

Finally today it was announced that Ann Margaret will be in attendance with the 50th anniversary of The Cincinnati Kid co starring Steve McQueen and Edward G Robison. Not to mention THE Joan Blondell as the dealer. That's card not drug. Also a must see for me!

Here is the rest of the list of films that have been announced thus far for the festival. 

world premiere restorations of:

· Warner Bros’ classic musicals 42nd Street (1933) and Calamity Jane (1953) and 1776 (1972)

· William Wyler’s delightful romance Roman Holiday (1953) from Paramount

· MGM’s western drama The Proud Rebel (1958)

· Jules Dassin’s French caper film Rififi (1958) from Rialto Pictures

Festival goers will also get to enjoy other iconic films such as:

· David Lean’s award-winning Doctor Zhivago (1965) from Warner Bros.

· 70mm print of Franklin J. Schaffner’s Oscar®-winning Patton (1970) from 20th Century Fox

· Walt Disney’s Oscar® winning classic, Pinocchio (1940)

Lastly, astronaut Captain James Lovell, the real-life subject of Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 (1995), will be on hand for the 20th Anniversary world premiere restoration

More announcements seem to be rolling out every day and I can't wait to start marking up my festival schedule with all my, hard to make, decisions of what to see. I can almost guarentee Grim Game and Cincinnati Kid will make that list, but who knows what other great things TCM has in store for the line up???

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