Friday, January 9, 2015

Starz Outlander Season 2 News and Sneak Peek @Outlander_Starz #Outlander #TV

Outlander Season 2 Claire

Author note- big duh this is not the second season but the second half of the first season. Have I mentioned how much I love this new trend of splitting seasons? I guess I could call it season 1.5??

Starz just released these new photos and trailer for Season 2 of OUTLANDER!!! Season 2 begins April 4th, so we still have several months to wait but hopefully this will make it a bit easier. OK I know it won't but at least it's something. If you can't wait go read the books. If you already read the books...reread the books.

Outlander Season 2 Frank/Jack Randall

Outlander Season 2 Geillis

Outlander Season 2 Claire and Jamie

Outlander Season 2 Claire and English Soldier

Outlander Season 2 Dougal


And here's a last photo..The best for last as they say
Outlander Season 2 Jaime

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SO looking forward to this coming back on!! Thanks for the trailer!!! A