Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Don't Let Good TV Shows Be Cancelled #TV

So many great TV shows get cancelled each year, because they're audiences can't find them in the avalanche of new programs each season on network and cable TV. Here are 3 wonderful network TV shows that are teetering on the cancellation list I would hate to see disappear. So tune in ASAP!

First up is Forever. This show definitely has a Sherlock feel but with a great twist and cast. It's on Tuesdays check your local listings. Here's the network description.

Doctor Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), New York City's star medical examiner, has a secret. He doesn't just study the dead to solve criminal cases, he does it to solve the mystery that has eluded him for 200 years—the answer to his own inexplicable immortality. This long life has given Henry remarkable observation skills which impresses his new partner Detective Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza), but piques her curiosity about who he is. Each week, a new case and their budding friendship will reveal layers of Henry's long and colorful past. Only his best friend and confidant, Abe (Judd Hirsch) knows Henry's secret.

Forever stars Ioan Gruffudd as Henry, Alana De La Garza as Det. Jo Martinez, Barbara Eve Harris as Lt. Marcia Roark, Donnie Keshawarz as Detective Hanson, Joel David Moore as Lucas Wahl, and Judd Hirsch as Abe.

Madam Secretary reminds me of the West Wing. I love the weekly political stories mixed with lead Tea Leoni's family dramas. It is fighting the uphill battle of Sunday nights ridiculous choice of amazing quality shows. Trust me it is DVR worthy.

Here's the Network description. MADAM SECRETARY stars Tèa Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, the shrewd, determined, newly appointed Secretary of State who drives international diplomacy, battles office politics and circumvents protocol as she negotiates global and domestic issues, both at the White House and at home. A college professor and a brilliant former CIA analyst who left for ethical reasons, Elizabeth returns to public life at the request of the President following the suspicious death of her predecessor. The President values her apolitical leanings, her deep knowledge of the Middle East, her flair for languages and her ability to not just think outside the box, but to not even acknowledge there is a box. McCord's team includes her Chief of Staff Nadine Tolliver, speechwriter Matt Mahoney, press coordinator Daisy Grant and her charming assistant Blake Moran. When McCord debates third world problems, finesses foreign dignitaries at work and does battle with the President's combative Chief of Staff Russell Jackson, it's just a warm-up for when she goes home to her supportive husband, Henry, and their two bright children, where "politics" and "compromise" take on new meaning.

Finally, A to Z is an adorable TV sit com, which I don't usually go for. I know you think I like it just because the male lead famously  (spoiler) lost a nipple on Mad Men. I will cop to feeling somewhat loyal to my Mad Men cast, but this show really is a great twist on the couple sit com.

The show airs Thursdays. Here's the network desciption. "A to Z" tells the story of Andrew (Ben Feldman, "Mad Men," "The Mindy Project") and Zelda (Cristin Milioti, "The Wolf of Wall Street," "How I Met Your Mother") - a pair that almost wasn't - and all that happened from the day they met. Andrew and Zelda will date for eight months, three weeks, five days and one hour. This program is a comprehensive account of their relationship - from "A to Z."

If for no other reason, please watch these shows to keep smart TV on the networks. I know people love the reality shows but scripted shows are great too and shouldn't just be for people who want to pay for cable. Thanks, in advance, for helping secure these programs.


Adrienne said...

I tried Madame Secretary and A to Z, couldn't finish the pilot for either. No desire for Forever, sorry. My favorites so far this season are Selfie, Red Band Society and The Mysteries of Laura.

Donna said...

I enjoy all three of your recommendations, as well as Adrienne's. I also urge everyone to sample Jane the Virgin. Yes. I watch too much TV.

Elise Crane Derby said...

I don't believe in too much TV. Don't tell my kid I said that.