Friday, September 12, 2014

Our Picks For 2014 Fall TV season

It's that time of year when all the new network shows are about to premiere. As a kid I would pour over our weekly copy of TV Guide to familiarize myself with all the new shows and try to make my picks. Basically nothing has changes, I just go to now.

Here are my picks for this fall. Some of them I have picked because they look really good and some of them are chosen because of beloved cast members I feel a loyalty to and am pulling for. I'll let you know which is which.

Wednesday Sept 17 10/9c The Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

This is cop show starring Debra Messing as a police officer struggling to balance work and family. It sounds formulaic, but the trailers look genuinely funny. I love the line about no one ever believing she'll shoot them. I really like Debra Messing and it's been awhile since we've seen her in a part where she can really do something. SO here's hoping this is as good as the trailer looks.

Sunday Sept 21 8/7c Madam Secretary (CBS)

There are two White House shows premiering this Fall and nothing against Kaherine Heigl State Of Affairs, but I pick Tea Leoni's. She plays the secretary of state who is surprised to be tapped for the position but more than capable if a bit short on patience for the theatre that is Washington. I'll admit I'm hoping for another West Wing here.

Thursday Sept 25 10/9c How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

This in Shondra Rhimes new show set in a law school. It stars Viola Davis as a law professor who makes Kingsfield in The Paper Chase look like Mary Poppins. Based on the trailer it looks like her interactions with her students are going to cross every line there is and what they're learning from her may not be the best lessons.

Tuesday Sept 30 8/7c Selfie (ABC)

This is one of those shows with a cast member, Karen Gillian, whom I love. She was the female lead in Doctor Who for several years. This show is about a shallow social media addict, Eliza Dolley (Karen Gillian) who hires Henry(John Cho) to rehab her image. The names are straight out of Pygmalion/My Fair Lady we'll see how closely the show follows.

Thursday Oct 2 9/8c Gracepoint (FOX)

This is the American version of the hugely popular Broadchurch that aired last year on BBC America. I was told that the ending will change in the American version so all of us who were shocked by the English ending can experience it all over again, and hopefully be equally surprised by the American ending. This series will also star David Tennant but the rest of the cast will be new and includes Nick Nolte.

Thursday Oct 2 9:30/8:30c A to Z (NBC)

Here's a cute little sitcom about boy meets girl. That it stars Ben Feldman (Ginsberg in Mad Men) doesn't hurt at all. This looks like a fun premise and while I usually find sitcoms predictable this looks to have some original ideas. 

For a complete TV Guide calendar of all show premeire dates


Sili said...

I can't wait for How to Get Away with Murder! Will have to check these others out!

Bohemian Babushka said...

BB only watched Once Upon A Time and the occasional HGTV, but some of those you mentioned seem tempting...