Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MANH(A)TTAN On WGN America July 27 @WGNAmerica #Manhattan

Manhattan premieres on WGN America July 27th. As you might guess from the photo it isn't about a magical city that never sleeps. Or maybe it is, that city just happens to be in New Mexico and instead of night clubs and Broadway shows people are up all night working on developing the atom bomb.

It is definitely dark subject matter, but it is balanced with office intrigue and the families who have come with the scientist to live on "The Hill" AKA Los Alamos. Set against the WWII race against time to be the first with the bomb our male lead, Frank Winter (John Benjamin Hickey-The Big C) is under just a little bit of pressure to succeed. While his wife and daughter are frustrated with the necessary imposed secrecy about his work.

Abby Issacs (Rachael Brosnahan-Blacklist and House Of Cards) is new in Los Alamos and just learning how to get by on a top secret military instillation where no one knows what's going on, or if they do their not talking.

I'm really hopeful this series will take off. The premise is intriguing and I do love my retro shows.


Anonymous said...

This definitely looks interesting and I hadn't heard about it- thanks!

Irish Jayhawk said...

Not sure I get this channel?? I gotta figure out a way to see this.