Thursday, May 1, 2014

Bonham's Entertainment Memorablia Auction

Ted Allen Signed Lithograph of Groucho Marx
Bonham's, International Auctions and Appraisers, is holding an auction of Entertainment Memorabilia this Sunday May 4th- Monday May 5th in Los Angeles. The auction includes items from 1910's through present day and spans Film, TV, Music and animation.

  Design Sketch Bacall Designing Women

Incredible Shrinking Man

It's pretty exciting to see a final script from Nothing Sacred, not to mention actually owning it and being able to flip through it!

Nothing Sacred Final Shooting Script

The auction also includes a vast amount of animation

Disney Animation from Camping out

You can also find a wide array of music memorabilia everything from Liberace to the Police is represented

Liberace costume
Arguably my favorite items at this auction are the huge collection of Norma Shearer photographs. The one below was from a series to convince the studio she would be right for The Divorcee. The collection includes everything from random publicity shots to beautifully executed Hurell portraits. There are some from Idiots Delight I would love to have.

George Hurell photograph of Norma Shearer

To see all the amazing lots up for auction visit The Bonham Entertainment Memorablilia site.

Below you will find my wish list. On the off chance any of you were wondering what to get me for Mother's Day or Memorial Day, or 4th of July, or hey my birthday is in September. No pressure...

Audrey Hepburn Givenchy Hat from a Vogue Shoot

The Big Lebowski Bowling Set Pieces

More Norma Shearer Portraits

Wabash Avenue Lobby Card

Monky Business Lobby Card

Silk Stocking Poster Kapralik cutout illustrations

King Creole Poster

Sunset Blvd Poster

Born To Be Bad Poster

Mildred Pierce Poster

The Killers Poster

English Silent Film The Strong Man's Burden Poster

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