Tuesday, November 27, 2012

PBS Kids Toys at Tuesday Morning


PBS Kids has partnered with Tuesday Morning to offer some great preschool toys that extend PBS Kids on screen learning to the home. Being a member of PBS Kids VIPs I received an assortment of the games, and by assortment I mean a huge box filled with 8 great looking preschooler games. Even my 8 year old, who normally won't have anything to do with "baby" toys, was interested.

After fending off my 3rd grader, we decided that these toys would be a great holiday toy donation for Sparks of Love at LA County Fire Department. My father was and LA County fire fighter, so this is always my preferred toy donation site. But there are many great organizations that take toy donations to give to needy families at the holidays. Toys for Tots is a national organization you can donate at.

Where ever you live I encourage you to take the time to donate toys for children that may not receive anything this holiday. These PBS Kids toys go on sale at Tuesday Morning on December 4th and are available online now. They range in price from under $10 -$20. They're a great value and something I think kids will truly enjoy.

Happy Holidays!

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