Monday, September 10, 2012

Warner Bros Studio Tours

Warner Bros Studio Tours  had several bloggers come on their deluxe studio tour last week and thanks to  Adrienne's House I was among them as her stand in. It was an amazing day.

We began the day riding the tour trams through the studios stages and back lot. The guide pointed out a million fascinating things, I got as many picture as I could. Here are just a few.

Here is the last remaining set from Casablanca. It's the french cafe. 

This theatre facade was being dressed for something but you may recognize it from The Way We Were, A StarIis Born (54) or more recently The Artist.

We made a stop in the prop department and got to see the rooms and rooms of pieces used in their films. Here are a few that I was excited to see.

This is one of many Maltese Falcons. But still VERY cool!

Our guide told us sometimes prop people will see pieces in films and they will recognize them. Today all props have bar codes but back in the day records were not kept so completely.

Here is a lamp from Auntie Mame, with Rosilind Russel.

The deluxe tour let us eat lunch in the Commissary, which has been redecorated but is original. The food was delicious too! We ended our tour in the Warner Bros. Museum. They house everything from my favorite classic films to current TV shows. Warners' rotate the displays, this time I saw 3 Elizabeth Taylor costumes from Giant, Life With Father, and Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf. I was amazed that they all seemed to be approximately the same size. Sadly no pictures are allowed in the museum so you'll just have to use you imagination till you get there yourself.


Here is a picture from inside the museum at Warner Bros. This is Bette Davis' dress from Dark Victory. If you look closely behind the mannequins you can see a little bit of the orange piano from Casablanca. This wasn't there the day I was there, but like I said they change things around from time to time, so you never know what cool thing you'll get to see!

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