Saturday, July 28, 2012

Half The Sky PBS Oct 1 and 2

Last week while attending PBS press tour panel, for the documentary,  Half The Sky I was forced to hear about one thing I hate even thinking about and that is children forced into sex trafficing. I know you can't pretend that it doesn't exist, but I find it so disturbing. It completely unravels me.

The documentary deasl with a myriad of issues facing women and girls around the world, from prostitution to maternal birth mortality to education. As 52% of the population women are rarely treated equally and in some parts of the world, barely being treated as human.

As much as I hate to think about some of these injustices, this film has moved me to act. First and most easily I will send money to the organizations Half the Sky has partnered with. My next steps are unclear but I will keep you posted as they develop.

I would encourage all of you to watch the documentary Half The Sky on PBS Oct. 1 & 2. If you can please donate to one of the organizations, linked above. In future I will try to find ways for this community to participate in other, non monetary, forms.

We, that are lucky enough to be born into prosperous, safe homes owe it to the others who were not.

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