Thursday, July 26, 2012

Classic Hollywood at Disney's California Adventure

California Adventures Pan Pacific entrance

This is a special Disney California Adventure post just for my fellow classic Hollywood fans. So much of Classic Hollywood has been bulldozed or otherwise destroyed over the passage of time. Some of Buena Vista Street is replicas of actual sites like the Pan Pacific Theatre entrance above.

There are also characters and stores that just give the feel of 1930's Hollywood like these picured above and below.

 Here is one of LA's fabled Red Car trolleys. Check your park maps for times of fun musical numbers that explode through the doors with singing and dancing news boys and girls. you can also find times for a jazz trio that ride though town in an open convertible.

Finally here is the Carthay CircleTheatre, that was an actual theatre and can be seen in many movie premiere newsreels. Inside this building is a beautiful period restaurant. Great attention has been paid to every detail, all the fixtures and art reflex the time and make any classic Hollywood fan down right beam. If you want to eat in the Carthay Circle restaurant I recommend making reservations.

I spend a lot of time in theme parks sitting on benches waiting for my husband and daughter to get off one roller coaster or another, and this was the first time I was perfectly happy to just hang out.

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