Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My top 5 movies of 1991

I was just over reading The Cinementals site, which I highly recommend, and they had a great post on movies of 1991 and why they should be considered classic. If you are as old as I am or even older it's a bit painful to think that 1991 was more than 20 years ago...OUCH! Anyway they have a list of their 5 top movies of 1991. Which made me curious what came out that year, and it's incredible how many amazing films were released. It's like the 1939 of the 90's.

Here is my top 5 list, excluding those that the Cinementals listed, all of which I loved with the exception of Slackers. That movie just never clikcked with me, and trust me I was slacking with the best of 'em back then.

Now for my list in alphebetical order:

Fried Green Tomatoes has a phenomenal female ensemble cast, that tells the stories of 4 women. Two in the 1930's and two in 1990's. The main gyst is women's empowerment but it comes wrap in a great story.

Grand Canyon also has an amazing ensemble cast. It focus' on mid life crisis and LA city living. Complete with car jackings, affairs, and teaching your kid to drive.The older I get the better this movie gets.

I love this movie about the love affair between George Sands and Chopin. The supporting cast is a who's who. Such a fun movie.

Jungle Fever, Spike Lee's follow up to Do The Right Thing explores interracial relationships. I don't know if anyone ever even blinks at them anymore but back then a young black man was killed in a New York neighborhood when residents thought he was dating a girl of another the race. The film is dedicated to him.

Thelma & Louise is THE quintessential women's road movie. Saradon and Davis are amazing and this film launched a shirtless Brad Pitt on America. The message is dark but the film is joyful.

I'm loving going through all these movies. I think I may have to pick another year next week and pick favorite movie.

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