Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mad Men Season 5 Epi 11 The Other Woman

Tonight's Episode, The Other Woman, had the ladies doing things that I doubted they would ever do. It's hard to believe some of the men's behavior too, but frankly they are often pretty sleazy so it's less surprising.

Peggy's phone pitch was brilliant (was that Matt Weiner on the other end of the call?). It took Don being that awful to her, to push her off the cliff. Still I don't think she realized what she was worth till Chaough offered her exactly what she asked for plus $1000. Anytime someone says yes that fast you know you didn't ask for enough.

I hope we will still see our Peggy. I can't wait 2 or 3 seasons for her to resurface like Paul or Freddy. Her goodbye with Don was very firm. Don had a hard time hearing he had nothing to give her and I think she had a hard time realizing it. They were breaking up, but hopefully will actually stay friends.

I have to say I thought Joan would figure out a way to get out of sleeping with the Jaguar guy. But in the end, a single women with a baby in 1966, there really was no way to say no to that kind of security. It was sad, but practical. Was it me or after Don's visit when he said "Say goodnight to your friend" Did he think she was Joan's lover? Like the lesbian rumor he talked about last week?

Ginsberg??? What is this guys story?? He seemed to be intentionally looking the other way when Megan's friend was crawling on the table. He really seemed to find it disgusting. Which it kind of was, but he's the only one in the office who can see that. With Peggy gone he's going to have to jump in the drivers seat. They better hope he can develop some kind of social filter.

This and That

Peggy saying she needs a chocolate shake when Chaough offers her the job.

Trudy telling Pete he has to get over New York

Just waiting for Lane to get busted for the money!

UPDATE: Reading a lot of posts this morning about how moral Don is for telling Joan not to sleep with Jaguar , even if it was too late. But let's all remember how easily he fired Sal when he wouldn't sleep with Lucky Strike. I believe he said "you people" in disgust. He is evolving but still...

Also in Roger's defense once Pete said that Joan was up for it but said they couldn't afford it, he basically said well let her do it then, I just don't want to hear about it. So it wasn't exactly like he liked the idea.

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