Sunday, December 25, 2011

Good Gravy Recipe

With the season on us it occurs to me that gravy is important. Looking around the interwebs I find gravy recipes that call for everything from ketchup to cream of mushroom soup??? Really people...

So here is my incredibly simple (if I can do it, it must be) fool proof gravy recipe.

Begin by putting one tablespoon of flour in a cup of milk. The best way to mix these together is by shaking it vigorously in a sealed container. I use a small mason jar for this. Then once you remove meat, be it a roast, turkey, meat ball from the pan stir the milk mixture with the pan drippings over a low flame. You can add a second cup of milk/flour mixture if you have that much drippings. Salt and pepper to taste. You're done, I told you, easy!

This yeilds perfect lump free gravy every time and really could not be easier. It's how both my grandmothers made gravy and they probably got it from their grandmothers, so more than 100 years of gravy making can't be wrong.

Hope this reaches you in time for your christmas dinner.

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