Monday, March 21, 2011

Mad Men Season 4 DVD

Lionsgate sent me an advance copy of the Mad Men Season 4 DVD this week. With all the uncertainty about Mad Men Season 5, I was over the moon to get this. If you're as big a fiend as I am, you should really get this methadone until the real thing is available.

Here are the bonus features.

• "Divorce: Circa 1960s" - A three-part documentary about divorce during a time when the traditional family was the core of American society.
• "How to Succeed in Business Draper Style" - CEOs, advertising legends and executive coaches use scenes from Mad Men to detail Don Draper's 10-point blueprint for success.
• "Marketing the Mustang: An American Icon" - The birth of the Ford Mustang as well as the marketing and advertising campaign that launched this American classic.
• "1964 Presidential Campaign" - Archival footage of President Johnson's and Senator Goldwater's speeches, campaign commercials and the Presidential Inauguration of the most lopsided elections in American history.
• Mad Men Season 4 commentaries - Matthew Weiner and Mad Men's cast and crew take viewers behind the scenes in feature-length audio commentaries for all 13 episodes

P.S. The box is really cool too. The Vertigo-esque has a 3D element that makes it much better than how it looks on a computer screen.

P.P.S. David Hinckley of the Daily News is reporting that Mad Men season five will be delayed to the Fall based on "sources". Check his article.

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Adriennevh said...

Thanks for the PS about the box. I happen to have given birth to the designer. LOL