Tuesday, February 1, 2011

All About Eve and An Affair to Remember

All About Eve and An Affair To Remember were released on Blu Ray today. To Celebrate 20th Century Fox has given me a two copies of each to giveaway!!!!!

If you would like to enter to win one of each, just leave a comment on this post. Make sure to leave an email I can reach you at.
All entrants should be in the contiguous US.

I will draw a winner on Friday Feb. 4.

For extra entries follow Elise's Ramblings, follow @elisecd on twitter, or retweet the giveaway. For each thing leave another comment on the post.

Good Luck

Gayla Collins and Amy Anderson are the winners. Thanks for playing. All you Los Angeles People check back soon, I'll be giving away some theatre tickets very soon.


Desiree said...

Lover love love classic movies.

Desiree said...

I follow you on Twitter @writingtossanity

Desiree said...

I meant to say @writingtosanity



Anonymous said...

One of my favorite older movies is "All About Eve." I much have watched it 30 times from the beginning or during any part. Betty Davis is superb as is Celste Holmes and Anne Crawford. Men were amazing too....though a bit overacted, I never get bored and look forward to the story each time.

Thanks for this opportunity.
Gayla Collins

Unknown said...

I'm that rare breed, the masculine man who can cry at movies, and loves, absolutely loves, AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER. If I should be lucky enough to win the DVD from you, I'll...I'll...well, I'll go out a buy a Blu-Ray player. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the giveaway

emu_cpa at yahoo

Paul A. said...

Follow you on Twitter


Paul A. said...

Also retweeted the contest info

..x..x said...

I LOVE these old movies. The only tear jerker in the same league is Back Street with Susan Hayward and Paul Gavin. Can never pass up an over-acted Susan Hayward movie. My M
Mom got me started on those when I was a kid. Thanks, Mom!

Amy Anderson said...

Don't know if I'm too late - but would love to see either of these movies... I've never seen them! I know, for shame!