Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Mel Brooks and Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett interviewed Mel Brooks last night at the Saban Theatre. It was the funniest night of my life. By the time I got home I had a headache, from laughing so much. Even the audience questions were funny. Not to mention Carl Reiner who was also there, and spoke hysterically about the birth of the 2000 year old man.
I found this event through Writer's Bloc. If you're in LA, I highly recommend you join their mailing list. They have so many fascinating events and quite reasonably price ($25 last night) for what are often once in a life time opportunities.
Here is some video I took last night, of their first moments of the interview. Which was really more of a conversation.

Sorry this video has been removed. You can now see the entire interview on HBO Sept 9th. I highly recommend it!

I have most of the night on my youtube channel.

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Anonymous said...

Cool and so jealous. Carl Reiner added on just makes it ultra envy inducing. Why doesn't Dick Cavett have a show anymore? I'll look into the writer's group. Thanks!