Saturday, December 4, 2010

Community on NBC

Community on NBC is having a very special stop motion Christmas special this Thursday, Dec. 9th. It's suppose to look just like the old Rudolph movie we all watched every year on TV, growing up. Here's a pic. What do you think?

I got to go visit the set last week and here are two uncut video I took of the cast talking about the episode, among other things. As an added bonus John Oliver was there from The Daily Show. While other bloggers were picturing Josh naked I was thinking bad thought about Oliver. I love him.

I know it's a little crazy, but I really had no idea how to cut it to make it more coherent. The entire cast was really generous with their time, especially Yvette Brown who sat down for an hour long lunch with us.


Suzette said...

I really shouldn't have mentioned Ken's naked scene in "The Hangover." But it did make for a very funny, yet uncomfortable, moment with all of them. Didn't it?

Anonymous said...

very cool