Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pierce Brosnsan At the Aero

Pierce Brosnan will be at the Aero Theatre, in Santa Monica, this Saturday night, Nov. 20th. They'll be showing two of his films, The Ghost Writer and The Matador. I've seen both of these, and can recommend them. Brosnan will be interviewed between pictures. In past event they have allowed audience questions as well. I probably won't make it, as I'll be at the Auto show that day. Please report back any good details.

Here is a bizarre look at The Matador:

Just watching that clip is making me want to see the Matador again.

and here is a more straight forward trailer for The Ghost Writer:

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Anonymous said...

I've got the Matador from Netflix right now, had it for a week and haven't watched it; that clip may have re-enthused me about watching it tonight.
The Ghost Writer looks like a really good suspense movie, but I gotta admit, I do feel a bit weird about supporting Polanski.