Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love opens this Friday the August 13th. It stars Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem. I was invited by Sony to see a screening last night.

I enjoyed the book, though I agreed with many who thought Ms. Gilbert was somewhat whiny. Still the book was diverting. I think most middle aged married women have a fantasy of leaving their husbands and running off for an grand adventure. It's got to be right up there with George Clooney on the fantasy meter. Or maybe that's just me... Whichever, I liked the book overall.

The film is fun to look at. I love Julia Roberts. I could just watch her smile and laugh for a whole movie. The scenery is also gorgeous, and the food in Italy looks delicious. But the film is not very substantive, it leans more to the romantic comedy genre then anything else. But not a particularly good one. Most of the real enlightenment of the character is not seen in the film.

If you don't expect too much you will be entertained for a couple hours. I recommend making reservations at a really good italian restaurant immediately following your viewing. You're going to be hungry for pasta. Trust me.


HappyHourMom said...

Really E? Not that great? I'm with you- I could watch Julia Roberts till my eyes fall out of my head. She's adorable. Thanks for the review, I am looking forward to watching then eating.

Elise Crane Derby said...

definitely see it. I had fun, but I just thought it would be more thought provoking.