Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Target Stores Support Anti Gay Candidate

Target is supporting an anti gay political group in Minnesota, to the tune of $150,000. The Group is called Minnesota Forward, more like backward if you ask me. This is being reported all over from The Advocate to NBC news.

I have a zero tolerance policy for bigotry, so as painful as it is, Target has seen the last of me. I hope all moms will boycott Target. I know we all go there three times a week and drop at least $100 bucks. They will definitely feel it.

I refuse to patronize a company that promotes a homophobic world future for my family. Please pass it on.


Anonymous said...

Good. Please do not shop there. You have zero tolerance for tolerating other opinions as well. I would like to know the names and the vast donation amounts of stores who support candidates that I dislike as a conservative.

Elise Crane Derby said...

I'm sure if you found out some company was behind Obama's health care program you'd drop them like a hot potato. As far as their opinion, Target is welcome to it. But once they start donating money to close minded, bigoted campaigns, I can not fund them with my patronage.

Anonymous said...

Well said Elise! I won't finacially support organizations which financially support hate and discrimination.
Now that the supreme court has given corporations the 'right' to fund political campaigns without limit, we all have to be more aware of who we're doing business with. Other than keeping informed of all the motives behind all commercials, etc. (impossible), we can only vote with our feet and wallets to try and have some modicum of control over corporate manuevering.