Thursday, May 20, 2010

Love, Loss, and What I Wore

Last night I took my mom to see Love, Loss, and What I Wore at the Geffen for Mothers Day. It was great! The cast is stellar, with Rita Wilson, Carol Kane, Tracee Ellis Ross, Natasha Lyonne, and Carolina Aaron. This is a play by Nora and Delia Ephron. I've said it before, but I am really loving Nora Ephron again. We had a rocky decade, but I feel like we're back on the same page again.

The show kind of reminded me of The Vagina Monologues, except they're talking about their clothes not their woo has. It really does make you think of all your favorite clothes through your life time. For me that included a fabulous polka dot dress and a navy blue felt hat (yes I said hat) I wore to a Miles Davis concert at the Hollywood Bowl in 1986. I loved that outfit...

Anyway, the show runs through June with a cast change at the beginning of June. I think everyone would really enjoy it. Also there were several celebrities sprinkled through out the audience, so you can do a little star gazing preshow. Rhea Pearlman was sitting in front of us last night, and Cate Capshaw was seated at the end of my row.

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