Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Single Man

I just saw an ad for this movie A Single Man the other day and it looks like it might be really good. The critic are definitely in love with it. It stars Colin Firth (hubba hubba) and Julianne Moore. It's set in 1962, and what I gather is about a man who has lost his long time "partner" (why don't they just say boyfriend, it always sounds like a law firm). It's one day in the man's life and his struggles with what to do with his life all set against the backdrop of the Cuban missile crisis.
It sounds intense but good. For you Mad Men fan's out there it could be a good little fix.
I hope to get out to see it one day this week it's at The Landmark so you can check there for listings and a better description, or if you're not in Los Angeles just check your local art house theatre.


Anonymous said...
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Rea said...

I saw this today and think any Mad Men fan would love it. The clothes,decor and mentality were all spot on.