Sunday, December 13, 2009

Konami Frogger

A few weeks ago Konami Digital Entertainment (you know, the people that brought us Dance Dance Revolution)invited me to a party at their offices, with lots of food and games, and lovely parting gifts. I had a great time playing Dance Dance revolution on the Wii balance board, and singing Karaoki.
But just the other day they sent me a press release that they now have Frogger Returns available for download for both the playstation and the Wii.
I don't know if you remember Frogger it's a video game where you try to get a little frog across various streets, ponds, and what have you. I played this game all the time on my Atari, as a kid. My favorite was to lay upside down on the floor for a little added difficulty.
So I have warm memories of it and just thought I'd share that it is now available for you and your children to download to your gaming systems.
Have fun!

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