Thursday, December 10, 2009

PBS Favorites Giveaway

I have a talking Sid the Science Kid Doll and The 40th Anniversary Sesame Street DVD To giveaway. These both come from great PBS programs, you know your kids love.

Just leave a comment with your favorite Sesame Street moment to win both. All entrants must live in the Contiguous US. I will draw a winner Tuesday, Dec. 15th.

Good Luck!

Number 11 Amy M is our winner.
As an extra bonus here is the clip she picked "Who are the people in your neighborhood" Bob looks like he's about 20, I've gotten so use to seeing him in the show now, it's a bit shocking.


April said...

"123FOUR5678NINE10,11,12" - 'member that song? It may just be me.
I think you already have my email, but just in case...
admccaffery at gmail

Unknown said...

i love bert doing the pigeon dance. but i also love ernie singing the rubber duckie song...


Diane Zwang said...

I love the ladybug picnic song and anything with Bert and Ernie:)

Thien-Kim aka Kim said...

I have to say that I really enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris playing the shoe fairy. I guess I'm just a NPH fan.

I also like Ernie singing "I tip my hat. How about that?"

kimstoys at gmail dot com

MJ Tam said...

Definitely GROVER!!! G.....Grover...G......George. Ok, am I the only old fogie in here that remembers that song. :-) Funny how my last blog entry was a video I did with Grover at a Blogher Conference. What a coincidence!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Justice Fergie said...

i love when supergrover used to say: "HEY YOU GUUUUUUUYS!!!!!!!!"

happy holidays :)

justicefergie at verizon dot net

Stephen said...

Love Murray...word of the day each morning starts our sons' day with smiles.

jodifur said...

I will always remember when Mr. Hooper died.

teachmama said...

oooooh! It's always the songs I can't get out of my head--'somebody come and play...' with a sad, sad Ernie singing, and I always loved that long marble-machine type thing where at the end the silver ball turns into a cherry on top of an ice-cream sundae.

And now, as an adult--I cannot help but laugh at REM singing with the monsters. It's a riot.

Happy Holidays!

teachmama (at)

Suezette said...

Love that it's still just as good as it always was!

suezette at aol

Anonymous said...

I loved "Who are the people in your your your neigh-bor-hood, oh..." :) i'm singing it in my head.

we're big sid the science kid fans!

mueller7 at gmail dot com

c2cmom said...

Ernie singing "Rubber Ducky," the "Who are the People in your Neighborhood" song, or "There's A Hole In My Bucket Dear Liza." More currently, LOVE the reading pirates sketch with Tina Fey, or the magician sketch with Will Arnett, or the Law and Order sketch with the letter "M." (Think it's M in that sketch. . .)
c2cmom at gmail dot com

Elise Crane Derby said...

Amy M is our winner!!! Selected by